Selecting the right carpet can be daunting. Other than fuzzy side up, color, and pattern, what should you know to make an informed decision that you will be happy with for years to come

Start with the fiber type: nylon, polyester or a proprietary fiber like SmartStrand with Triexta.

Next, consider the ounce weight. Higher weights have more fibers per square inch and are best in high traffic areas.

Last but not least would be style: plush, frieze and patterned carpets are available in a multitude of solid colors and blends as well as conservative patterns to animal prints. Style is a personal choice, and our showroom is full of options from every category.

There are different advantages to each type, our knowledgeable sales team can explain them and guide you to making the best choice for your needs.


Products Offered

Mohawk Flooring
Stainmaster Carpet
Dixie Home
DreamWeaver Carpet
Beaulieu Flooring

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