Hardwood floors provide beauty, character, and a durability that is unparalleled.

The timeless beauty of hardwood compliments both contemporary and traditional architectures lending a feeling of warmth that is ideal for new developments, commercial/retail spaces, and private residences.

Hand scraped hardwoods are very popular because this unique trade enhances the beauty of each piece to bring out its true characteristic and grain structure. Instead of simply using “hand-scraped” engineered wood, we offer actual on-site sanding, hand-scraping, and finishing to bring out the natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Peruse the manufacturers listed below to view the many different styles available from the best in the business.


Products Offered

Featuring Traditional Hardwood and Engineered Wood
Knoa's Flooring
LW Flooring
D&M Flooring
Lawson Floors
Anderson Hardwood Floors
Johnson Hardwood
Hill Country Innovations

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